When we go to the hospital, we expect everything to be clan and sanitized. When it comes to hospital cleaning in Houston, there are special people who are assigned to cleaning the rooms of the hospitals. When you go into your hospital rooms you can expect everything to be fresh and clean.

What gest cleaned in a hospital room?

When you go into your hospital room it should be made and fresh, so let me tell you what is cleaned in a hospital room. First of all, the floors must be clean. The floor is constantly being walked on by doctors, nurses, patients and visitors. For this reason, the hospital floors have to be clean.

The floors are cleaned first with a mop then a floor machine. The floors are cleaned twice and if the hospital is busy, they get clean three times a day. Not only do they clean your hospital room but also the hallways, stairwells basements lobbies as well as main rooms in the hospital such as cafeterias and waiting rooms.

The bathrooms must be clean as well. When a patient uses the hospital bathroom there is always something left behind, even if it’s just toilet paper or tissues. To eliminate this problem bathroom sanitation is followed by cleaning them with special chemicals such as Clorox bleach and Lysol spray. After they are cleaned the floors in the bathrooms are then mopped up using a mop and floor machine.

hospital cleaning in Houston

There are many more things that need to be cleaned in a hospital besides bathrooms. The printers, copiers and fax machines must also be clean on a daily basis. When the nurses go to their computers they expect everything will print out as if it was new. When going to the hospital, be assured you are in the cleanest environment possible.